Project Metrics

Shop Hours: 2276

Site Man Days: 146

Painting (C5 coastal environment): 900 m2

Project Summary

James Engineering were tasked with a critical mission; revitalising an existing cyclone system that had suffered a catastrophic failure due to an in-process explosion. The scope of our work encompassed a series of intricate tasks, each playing a pivotal role in restoring the system to peak performance.

Project Details

1. Meticulously stripping down the existing plant to its structural frame.

2. Erecting scaffolding to provide both access and essential weather protection.

3. Conducting on-site shotblasting and applying a resilient coastal-grade paint finish to safeguard the steelwork from the harsh coastal environment.

4. Effectively repairing the existing cyclones within the plant.

5. Supplying and integrating new square-to-round transition components and cones.

6. Replacing the outdated explosion relief panels with cutting-edge anti-static variants.

7. Thoroughly shotblasting and painting all repaired and new equipment off-site.

8. Executing a precise reinstallation on-site using specialised mobile cranes and cherry pickers.

9. Expertly installing free-issue valves and expansion joints.

It's worth noting that this project unfolded in an exposed and remote coastal locale, where adverse weather conditions, particularly high winds, posed a constant challenge. Nonetheless, our seasoned and resourceful site teams rose to the occasion, surmounting these hurdles with unwavering determination.

Their efforts culminated in the successful completion of the project, ensuring the plant was ready for recommissioning and enabling the resumption of production in a timely manner.

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