Project Metrics

Number of flights: 248

Manufacturing hours: 11160

Site installation time: 2480 man days

Project Summary

James Engineering were selected for this project by the same team with whom we had successfully completed the Light Cloud project at Guy's Hospital. Situated in the bustling heart of London's financial district, this ambitious undertaking posed numerous logistical challenges. The structure spanning 62 floors of glass, steel, and concrete was surrounded on three sides by towering skyscrapers and on the fourth side lay Bishopgate, a major traffic artery for the city. One significant constraint was the absence of a holding yard, necessitating precise just-in-time deliveries.

Project Details

James Engineering's primary responsibility was the installation of the core staircases during the construction phase. This involved coordinating closely with the ongoing concrete core formation and steel erection around the building's perimeter. These staircases also served as crucial escape routes for steel deckers and erectors, making them an integral part of the project's critical path.

Adding to the complexity was the unavailability of tower cranes for staircase installation due to their allocation to the main frame and facade installation. To address this challenge James Engineering, in collaboration with Multiplex, devised an innovative approach. We proposed installing the stairs incrementally using lifting beams affixed to the underside of the jump form, equipped with electric minifors positioned at three locations per core. These minifors were operated by our team members at the load-out level.

Our strategy involved installing the stairs three levels above each concrete pour, lifting all stringers and treads through the stairwell of the levels below. The stairs were securely bolted together, temporary balustrades were installed and the lower sections were made available for use by other trades, aligning with the overall project timeline from Basement 2 to Level 62.

Subsequently, the stairs were painted on-site once construction traffic reduced, utilising a low-viscosity water-based paint. The final touch involved the installation of balustrades which was expertly carried out by our trusted supply chain partner - Handrail Design.

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